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Twitter Integration

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Passively publish links (shortened) to any/all songs that a user listens to on any number of music services that can be found on the web as free-range MP3s.  The idea is to get to a point where Playtapus writes directly to Twitter, but for now I am just using third-party services to do the work for me.  Perhaps the easiest way currently to passively publish you entire listening history to Twitter is to:


  1. Generate meP3 feed from the Yahoo Pipes referenced here:  meP3
  2. Copy the RSS feed for your results
  3. Create an account at Twitterfeed
  4. Set it up so that updateds from your meP3 RSS feed is being sent to your Twitter account of choice
  5. Prefix all tweets from this feed with "[play]" (this enables that PlayTwitter will know how to deal with it)
  6. Select that the URLs are shortened (I suggest tr.im, is.gd or bit.ly but most any will work)
  7. Test the feed and account to make sure they validate and then save



Note:  Twitterfeed only updates every 30 minutes, and is limited to 5 updates each time.  So, you will generally see blocks of a few songs post together.



Example of MP3 Links "Just Working" on iPhone Twitter Client:


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